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We know you’re tired of hearing about vaccines. But now is the time to plan for flu.

Flu season is coming sooner than you think. Take action now to protect your team as they return to work.

Create Your Game Plan for Flu Season

On-site Clinics and Voucher Programs to Suit Your Needs

With all that’s going on, it’s understandable that the seasonal flu might not be the first thing on your mind. However, as organizations return to work and school, taking steps to prevent the flu is more important than ever before. The experts at Labcorp make it easy. To address the seasonal flu, we can coordinate an on-site flu clinic, or plan and implement a voucher program for employees working off-site.

Labcorp handles 1.5 million flu shots on an annual basis, with over 27 years of experience staffing health events and handling immunizations. Trust Labcorp to support your workforce through what promises to be one of the most challenging flu seasons.

We can also help with a comprehensive range of other return to work services, including trained medical staff for employee check-in health questionnaires, temperature screens and COVID-19 test collection at the employer site, off-site or at home.

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COVID-19 Screening, Testing and
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Labcorp is dedicated to helping organizations and universities return to work and school safely and confidently. Our flexible on-site and remote COVID-19 screening, testing and vaccination options can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs and are designed to support your overall population health, risk management and employer return to work strategies.

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We believe in harnessing science for human good. And so we work day and night, around the world, to deliver answers for all your health questions—whether you’re a provider, employer, drug developer, hospital, medical researcher or patient. Our dedicated employer services team is all about supporting the health and safety of your business and your people. We can help you build the resiliency of your business through our wellness and coaching programs, support you in fueling engagement through technology and on-site programming, enhance workforce safety through occupational testing and vaccination capabilities, and deliver the critical insights you need through deep analytical reporting.

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